If your company is moving quickly, you need tools that act on insights from customer data in order to make good business decisions:

Some examples of decisions you want answers to:

  • A way to re-engage prospects
  • A way to figure out which customers are most likely to churn
  • A way to upsell customers

Today, all this customer data lives inside a CRM, which comes with significant problems. 

Applications built on top of your CRM don’t communicate with other tools your company uses; it takes a significant amount of time and human capital to implement, and you end up hiring dedicated RevOps/ Systems team members to manage it post-implementation.

We are building a GTM unification platform that eliminates these problems.

Backed by the best

We’ve raised a $3M seed round from world-class investors and operators. The round was led by AltCap (Jack Altman and Bala Chandrasekaran) and Haystack (Semil Shah and Aashay Sanghvi) with participation from YCombinator, Ritual Capital (Chris Howard), and executives from Retool, Ramp, Superhuman, Flexport, Navan, Everlaw, Lattice, Pipe, Finley and others.

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Lead Investors
Jack Altman
GP and Founder of Lattice
Bala Chandrasekaran
Partner at Alt Capital
Semil Shah
Founding GP of Haystack
Aashay Sanghvi
Partner at Haystack
With participations of
Chris Howard
Founding Partner at Ritual Capital
and GTM leaders from the following companies