Synch Launches a Connected Sales Stack with $3M of Support from World-class Investors

March 12, 2024
Daniel Ruiz
Co-Founder & CEO

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of Synch, an integrated GTM solution aiming to unify your company’s revenue stack so you can spend more time selling.

In our previous roles, it became increasingly clear that more time was spent on non-revenue generating activities than selling. Sales leadership spends an inordinate amount of time managing their tech stack, evaluating new vendors, and training their team on using tools - all at the expense of closing deals. 

Synch’s platform leverages AI to minimize the many operational burdens of running a sales function. Synch simplifies Salesforce migration and implementation. We build out your schema, map your existing data as appropriate, and install recommended automations and dashboards so that you have everything you need from Day 1 — no consultants needed.

Synch then unifies your go-to-market products with a shared analytics suite so leaders can spend less time evaluating multiple vendors. We offer forecasting, deal review, pipeline management, alerts, lead assignment, and other features that require zero implementation time. We share data between these products so information from our dashboarding tool (AE demo conversion rates) can automatically adjust your round-robin setup in your lead routing tool — as an example.

Additionally, we provide you with tools to manage and maintain your SFDC instance. You can turn plain-text inputs into built-out Apex Code or flows, get robust dashboards with only a few clicks, and manage your Salesforce schema without ever needing to go into Salesforce.

Synch helps customers like Mercury “save hours of dev time" and Finley “supercharge [their] GTM motion with data insights & recommendations".

Too many go-to-market vendors and Salesforce’s domain knowledge hurdles have led to an extreme lack of efficiency in companies’ GTM motions. By enabling each of your GTM SKUs to share data and insights and replacing your Salesforce consultant with software, Synch allows you to sell like never before.

“In my experience running Lattice, there were so many times that sales leadership had to spend a huge amount of time on internal operations that could have been spent closing deals. We weren’t alone. This is a pervasive issue in small and large sales organizations. Synch will allow these companies to streamline their sales operations and focus on what really drives revenue - talking to customers and refining the craft of selling,”

said Jack Altman, General Partner at Alt Capital and founder of Lattice.

Companies don’t need another point solution, they need a unified product that enables transparency between SKUs and eliminates data silos so they have the information/insights needed to close more deals.

To help us on our journey, we’ve raised a $3M seed round from world-class investors and operators. The round was led by AltCap (Jack Altman and Bala Chandrasekaran) and Haystack (Semil Shah and Aashay Sanghvi) with participation from Y Combinator, Ritual Capital (Chris Howard), and executives from Retool, Ramp, Superhuman, Flexport, Navan, Everlaw, Lattice, Pipe, Finley and others.

If this excites you, we are hiring across engineering, design and sales. Feel free to email me directly at