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Your Sales and Sales Ops team in a unified platform. No setup, Salesforce SSO and go.

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For sales
Funnel Analytics
Deal Review
Pipeline Management
For sales OPS
Reporting & Analytics
Text to Apex
Mass Editing
Scheduled Reports

Your existing data, schema, workflows


No implementation time

Works immediately with your SFDC schema.

Your existing schema
Closed Won
Id. Decision Makers
Closed Lost
--east coast
--west coast

Salesforce SSO and Go

One click setup. No multiple accounts to manage.

No more point solutions

Stop managing 15 vendors. All the features you need in a single product.

Shared analytics suite

Analytics across all these products.


Do anything using natural language.

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Same platform, two workspaces

Your GTM point-solutions use the same customer data sources, so we bundled these products into a single platform with shared data and analytics across the SKUs.



Sales Ops


Predictive sales outcome platform for managers and reps that takes into account historical team member performance and uses AI to spot trends.

Funnel Analytics

Out-of-the-box analysis of your pipeline. Pre-built dashboards and reports to give your team immediate access to the data insights you need.

Deal Review

Platform to review your active pipeline and determine the likelihood of a sale. Leverages customer and historical data to make recommendations humans may not consider.

Best case

Pipeline Management

Inline editing of your accounts, contacts, and opportunities with real-time bidirectional data sync to Salesforce.


Logic-based lead routing to build account or lead lists deployed directly into a reps pipeline.

Express logistics and transports
United Oil & Gas Corp
Office Cowork Inc.
Breakfast Food Cereal Co.


Deploy complex flows/Apex classes into your sandbox or production environment using simple natural language prompts.

Build a flow when client_health is changed to Low, update customer_priority to High, and email their account_manager if they are a high revenue client. Otherwise, do nothing

Reporting & Analytics

Use plaintext to generate reports and data vizulations of your SFDC data. You can one click deploy the reports or Data-Viz back to SFDC.

Show me Accounts with Revenue over $100M, Funding over $25M

Text to Validation Rule Fields New Objects

Use plaintext to generate validation rules, new fields, new rollup fields, or new objects in SFDC.

If a contract is activated it must have a term length and start date


Define conditions for deals and accounts where you want your reps or RevOps team to receive Slack alerts. Spin up deal rooms seamlessly using plain-text conditions.

Mass Editing SFDC Data with Logic

In a situation like account reassignment when a rep leaves, use plain text to mass transform data in SFDC.

Change industry to manufacturing

Auto Join Reports & Rerun on Scheduled Cadence

Automatically join SFDC reports, generate new arithmetic or logical formulas, and export to CSV. You can schedule these data transformations on any regular cadence.

The best leaders run their team on Synch

“Synch helps save us hours of dev time making us more productive throughout the day.”
Jeremy Brown
RevOps, Mercury
“Using Synch lets us supercharge our GTM motion with data insights & recommendations”
Jeremy Tsui
CEO, Finley
“Synch is like having a salesforce consultant at your fingertips. From assigning leads to building automations, Synch takes the hassle out of SFDC work and allows us to be more agile and deploy updates in no time.”
Tobi Idowu
Director of Growth, Coast